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Air purifiers Air purifiers
Art Van Furniture Furniture, adjustable coffee table, art work, clocks
Art Van Pure Sleep Sleep surfaces
Assists to Daily Living Medication Compliance, Reachers, Eating Utensils, Cups
Asthma Management Nebulizers, Peak Flow Meters, Air Purifiers
Bath Safety Bath rails, elevated toilet seat, bath bench
Blood Pressure Monitoring Kits Wireless, automated, maual, large/small display, memory, range of cuff sizes
Braces Elbow,back, neck, wrist, knee, ankle, hernia
Canes Wood, clear, foldable
Clothing Clothing
Commode Standard, Disguised
Crutches Standard, forearm
Cushions/Pain Management back, lumbar and coccyx support
Diabetic Foot Care Shoes, socks, bandages, pads, clippers
Diabetic-Glucose Monitoring Blood glucose measurement
Epi pen Epi pen
Exercise, Strength and Conditioning Aids Exercise balls, pulleys, chronologic watches, pedalers, pedometers
Food Weighing and Scales Food Weighing and Scales
Foot Care Pads, cups, files, foot spa
Hearing Phones
Home Assessment Evaluation of home structures, slip and fall risks, environmental risks
Home Modification Bath tub cut, Pull down/out shelving, Art Van adjustable coffee table
Hospital Beds Bed, Over-the-Bed Table, Pillow, Wedges, Knee Ease, Sheets
Humidifiers Traditional, pediatric, stylish
Incontinence Supplies Catheters, lubricants, collection bags, odor neutralizers, blue pads, diapers
Lift Chairs Fabric, leather, two/three position, massage, heat
Massagers Massagers
Medical History Bracelets Bracelets with electronic data regarding individual's health history
Mind and Memory Aids Games, videos, books, monitoring
Nebulizers Standard, pediatric, portable, mask, kit
Nursing Supplies Stethoscope, masks, manual blood pressure cuff
Nutrition Referral Nutrition Referral
Ostomy Supplies Pouches, barriers, wipes, seals, odor inhibitors, caps, clips
Oxygen Supplies Concentrators, portable concentrators, tubing, oximeters
Peak Flow Meters Standard
Pulse Oximeters Large/small display
Relaxation Water fountains, candles, videotapes, music
Scales Scales to measure weight
Scooters 3 or 4 wheel, indoor, outdoor, standard/heavy duty weight, easy assemlby
Sleep Therapy CPAP, BiPAP, Sound Machines, Wake-up Light, Pillows
Smoking Cessation Referral Smoking Cessation Referral
Stockings-Compression Athletic, dress, for her
Supplements Vitamins, minerals, fiber, Ensure
Vision Clocks, telephones, more from vendor coming
Walkers To assist in stability and balance while walking.
Wheel Chairs Transport chair, standard, power, lightweight
Women's Health Lotions, candles, bras, clothing
Wound Care Gauze, tape, packing, scissors, butterflies strips, Kerlix

Henry Ford Health Products

Our Centers' are home to many products that will help guide you down your healthy pathway. Some product categories are woman's health, disease management solutions for diabetes and asthma, hearing and vision, relaxation, adaptive clothing, and even the Wii Fit system.

Products are displayed in a quartet of room vignettes to offer ideas on how to create a self and healthy home. Home renovation examples by local contractors are also on display in our bathroom and kitchen vignettes. Come in and see us, or shop online.

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